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Fashion is the second most contaminating industry after petroleum. It uses from six to nine billion liters of water per year only for textile dyeing. Almost three quarters of that water ends up as non-potable waste in rivers and ultimately, the oceans. 54 million tons of natural fibers are consumed per year, 50% of it involve dyes and chemicals. This is why we as designers should take responsibility for consciousness. Our job is to find alternative sustainable solutions in order to compete and eventually eradicate fast fashion and thus, massive consumption. 

     This proyect conveys multiple sustainable solutions for ecological design. "Botánica" presents a different technique for color dyeing with raw materials and rainwater which would also be used for watering plants and ultimately filtering it for potable water. It also uses the up-cycling technique in order to give a second life to fabric scraps that would eventually end up as waste. In this case scraps were taken from fashion ateliers and are 100% cotton. The textile palette was taken from dyeing the following raw materials: cocoa, matcha, spirulina, jamaica, organic roobois infusion tea and beet. 

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Collaboration with 


Ana Sofía Pérez

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EDITORIAL INSPIRED in the organic reflection

of the sun.

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